As a young woman I worked at the European Exchange System in the Nuremburg trial building in the late 1960s.  Then after retiring from my life of social justice and human development work I decided to turn my attention to a life-long passion, watercolor painting. While working full time, I didn't have much time for painting, but my colleagues encouraged me to keep practicing because "once you retire, you will know your craft" so I kept painting.  I am mostly self-taught taking my love of the natural world and local forests, hills, wildlife and putting it on paper. 

My family jokes that when I walk I am usually looking up at the sky or into the woods for inspiration and not watching out for potholes, but using my hands to imagine scooping up paint to put on paper...ultra-marine, cobalt blue, payne's grey of the sky with a lick of yellow ochre, the shapes of clouds, sepia, grey or burnt umber bark of trees, feathers, sharp green of moss covering lavender/grey river rocks.  I find the colors of New England restful, but sometimes I like a splash of brilliant color.  I don't ever have to go far from my Leverett home to find inspiration.

I enjoy donating paintings to fundraising events for non-profits.  My recent passion is teaching private and group watercolor classes.